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More information on 'Just Friends'.

Posted by BlackDemons - January 13th, 2018

So, about a week or two ago, I talked about my plans for this year, aka getting the assets for Just Friends done. In that post I talked in more detail about how I'll make sure that everything will be done by the end of the year. I also mentioned that there is little to no information about the game: nothing about the cast, nothing about the story, nor the choices that you can make (I did mention that every choice will immensly affect the outcome, and I'll get more into that concept later in this post), nothing about gameplay, nothing about anything! You only got a preview of the theme song for the game, that I'll be remixing and will come out with the rest of the soundtrack... So... you know nothing.

Well, on the last post I mentioned how 'every choice changes the outcome of the game', so I'll get into detail about that. It's pretty straight forward, instead of making a choice, having a little different dialogue and then being corrected to a path that always is the same no matter what you do, you are redirected to a new path, with different choices, dialogue, you do different things, and find out different information. Though, it would be pretty boring, having just a choice and then a lot of dialogue with the characters and then another choice and more dialogue, etc. until you got your ending, so I came up with another idea, an idea that is insignificant to what ending you get, yet so important to the story...

...dialogue choices.

This might sound boring at first, but please hear me out. Basically, it's the same thing as the 'king choices', but they act out in a dialogue, then you get redirected back to the story. Now, these might not sound useful at all BUT they will serve an important role to you, as a player, to find out what is actually going on in the story, plus, they are what I am planning to use to have the player get one of the endings.

Now, alongside that, I am planning to add a little more to the game, to spice it up. I am going to add minigames. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just that one of the endings will soley be based off of this idea, being extended to something pretty big and introducing a lot more variety to the game. Not going to spoil any of the minigames for now, though I am going to get in more detail about them in a future post.

Lastly, I want to talk about the acts. As I mentioned in the last post, I want to split the game up into two acts, both being very different. I currently can only talk about act one as I do not want to spoil act two, you're gonna see it when the game is out and done, though I can say this, act one and two have two very different stories, that act out with different characters, one thing that keeps them together, though, is the main character that you play. Also, to get to act two, you have to get all the endings of the game, then, you can access it. Act two will star in both the usual scene that you play, and a special one that I am working on~

This is it for today's post, I got quite a bit done since the last post came out, from starting work on one of the songs from the OST, to working on some of the concept art and writing some of the storyline. For now, I'll finish the song that I started and I'll actually release it, so that people can get a good taste of what the soundtrack will be. Next post will be about either the art or the soundtrack for the game. Until then, cya~